Sarah Masud

Phd Student | Social Computing | NLP


Room: B415, R&D Block

Sarah is a 5th-year doctoral student at the Laboratory for Computational Social Systems (LCS2) at Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, New Delhi, India, supported by the Google Phd Fellowship (2023-2024). Within the broad area of social computing, her work mainly revolves around Hate Speech Detection & Diffusion on the web. From 2020-2023 she received the illustrious PMRF-Prime Minister Doctoral Research Fellowship (100 students across India). During those years, she actively collaborated with her industry partner Wipro AI to convert her POCs into MVPs as part of their larger pipeline to analyze and mitigate harmful content on the web. For summer 2023 (May-July) she was a visiting researcher at the TUM School of Social Science and Technology, Munich, hosted by Prof. Dr. Jürgen Pfeffer.

Prior to joining academia, she worked as a data scientist in developer tooling at Red Hat, Bangalore for 2.5 years. The work revolved around providing developer analytics to the platform. Her team contributed to a plugin on VSCode and got featured in TechCrunch. Even before that she obtained her Bachelors in Technology in CSE from Jamia Millia Islamia.

Currently, she is a member of the’s AI Membership Committee and a reviewer with the Journal of Open Source Software, having reviewed 10+ projects since 2020.

Sarah is an avid reader and a seasonal poet 😉. Since 2016, she has spoken/presented at 30+ technical as well non-technical venues. Complete list of her talks and presentation material is available here.